Client Feedback 

It was the food bank A.G.M last night, not only am I the Manager of The Cherry Tree Centre I am also a trustee of The East Yorkshire Food bank. 
I recently received an email from a client the Centre had recently worked with and I shared it at the food bank A.G.M: 
“It was coming up to Christmas and my wages had reduced by £1000 due to being signed off sick with mental health. How was we going to afford food for Christmas? 
At this point I couldn’t go shopping alone. I had managed to get to the Cherry Tree Centre and see Jo (this is now my safe haven when I am struggling) 
There was a knock on my door and Jo had left me bags of food from the food bank. We was so overwhelmed and grateful. The same happened again in the new year, my employer took back holiday pay as I was on sick which left me with £200 for the month. Food bank to the rescue again. 
To not have to have that worry about feeding my family was amazing. I am truly humbled by the donations of food we have received. People don’t realize that food-banks support people who have just fallen on bad times due to ill health. I am not ashamed to say I have used the food bank. It has helped my family desperate time. 
(the client has agreed for this to be shared) 
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