Food For Families  

The Beverley Cherry Tree Community Centre has developed relationships with local supermarkets enabling free food to be given to families attending the centre.  


To be eligible for a food voucher you must be in crisis. 
Evidence will be required: 
Bank statements 
Proof of ID 
Proof of income 
If you have children you must provide child benefit proof 


Through the Community Food Connection, Tesco work with FareShare to donate surplus food from their stores. Tesco stores inform local charities of any surplus food and the charity picks it up free of charge and turns it into meals for those in need. 


What we need: Food donations that we can then donate to families to promote healthy living & lifestyles. What we’ll do: We will deliver food to the community via our advice centre, staff & families. We are also hoping to raise £10000 from donations to purchase & run a van that will deliver food to families & pensioners who live in rural areas. 
We are also supported by Aldi, Sainsbury's, M&S, Tesco, Co-Op, Lidl, Fare Share and local businesses who help with food donations. 

Cherry Tree Pantry 


Cherry Tree Pantry 

During lockdown the centre manager, trustees, staff and volunteers have worked incredibly hard to support the community. Seeing the struggles people were facing and the number of families going without food, the need for affordable food was quickly identified. The Cherry Tree Pantry was formed. 

From Community Room to Pantry 

The community room at the centre was turned into a Pantry shop, with support from Fareshare and a number of local businesses. 

Pantry Price 

The Pantry allows people to visit once a week and pay just £5 for 10 items, from a choice of goods including fresh meat, cheese, frozen food, cleaning products, tinned food, cereal etc. as well as unlimited fresh fruit and vegetables. 

“Going to the pantry is the best thing I've done through lockdown!” – MD 

“Great community and a very well run shop. The ladies who run it are friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work.”  – TH 


Cherry Tree Pantry 

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